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Our Mission

To be a trusted ICT security partner for our clients to maintain secure and reliable environment for businesses and to protect their critical digital assets against ever-evolving cyber threats

Our Goals

Provide customized cyber security threat intelligence 24×7 monitoring services, and an automatic context-based risk assessment and management platform to organizations to minimize the risks from cyber attacks

OuR Services

Cyber-Threat Intelligence Service

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Cyber-security Risk Management

External Threat Intelligence

Social Media Activities

Social media is commonly used by attackers to orchestrate malicious activities, exchange IOCs and conduct illegal trades. Furthermore, criminals may create fake social media accounts using name and logo similar to that of your organisation in order to collect sensitive information from unsuspecting customers.

Credentials Leakage

Credentials of your organisation such as usernames and passwords are at risk of being obtained by hacking groups, sold on dark web, or even published publicly. The source of leak could be from employees, business partners, cloud providers or other service providers. Our scan cross references databases of compromised credentials against the target organisations’ and shows any leaked or hacked emails and passwords.

Public Listed Records

Attackers conduct reconnaissance against your company to identify weaknesses in your infrastructure. Such information can be collected from various public records in different forms. By actively monitoring these public records, your organisation can get a better understanding of their potential weaknesses and follow up with essential actions to prevent cyberattacks.

Political Related Threats

Political instability and social disobedience are threatening businesses. It is important for your organisation to closely monitor social-political trends and identify potential threats to their physical and IT infrastructures. We offer intelligence and statistics to help you stay ahead of social-political trends.

Phishing Domain And Websites

Phishing domains and websites are created by attackers to steal personal and financial information from your customers and the general public by exploiting their trust in your organisation. Detection and removal of phishing websites are essential to the protection of your brand.

Public Repositories

Public repositories such as Github and Pastebin have been used by attackers to collect and redistribute malicious data. We generate different keywords from client’s domain name and brand name to detect threats and leaks from these public repositories.

Fake Mobile App Fraud

Malicious mobile apps are created by attackers to impersonate legitimate application trusted by users. Fake mobile apps are typically loaded with advertisements of illegal services, and contain viruses that steal personal data from mobile devices.

Leaked Credit Cards

Stolen credit cards are monetized via dark web and other underground marketplaces. We monitor these locations and provide alert related to your organisation.

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